Livestream Your Adelaide Fringe Event, Hassle Free.

About Our Solution

Lorien Ink, a full service Adelaide creative agency, is offering Adelaide Fringe Festival artists an easy way to achieve their event livestream goals. For a small fixed fee, regardless of event or audience size, artists will be able to offer their patrons a professional livestream option without worrying about bandwidth, equipment, or the technical know-how of producing a full-scale livestream event.

Working with artists, Lorien Ink aims to provide an easy solution. Simply select how many cameras you’d like us to use to capture your event, and if we have a crew available on your event day, you’re all set. Stream your event to your platform of choice – whether that’s a Zoom meeting, a Facebook Live event, a YouTube live channel… it’s up to you. We can also provide a private Vimeo-hosted page (or embed code as preferred by FringeTix) backed by the world’s leading livestream platform.

Lorien Ink has worked with a number of clients in South Australia in the past to provide videography and photography services, including State Opera SA, That Science Gang, Six Foot Something Productions, PopJam, The University of Adelaide (Conservatorium of Music), Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and Broadway Sessions (to just name a few). We’re proud of our work, and although much isn’t available for public viewing, we hope that we can help deliver a professional product for your event too.

Here’s a quick rundown of the equipment and setup we’ll use to capture your event:

  • Up to two professional Canon DSLR cameras, with a variety of lenses to capture multiple angles
  • A professional Canon Video Camera with direct audio inputs for your venue’s audio desk
  • An additional livestream-designed Mevo camera capable of multiple angles and camera moves, in a tiny package
  • Vision mixing using Vimeo’s Livestream Studio software product
  • All required broadband internet and bandwidth requirements
  • Design and creation of pre and post-show title cards showcasing your brand, your show and future events
  • The potential to keep your livestream recording as an event record

If scheduling allows, a Lorien Ink team member will attend an earlier performance to assess and document the best angles, significant moments, and any other details about your show to make your livestream as great as it can be. We’ll contact you to arrange and facilitate this.

Need something that’s not described here? We’re flexible, and here to help. Let’s talk.

Please note: you must hold the correct APRA/AMCOS license that allows for the live-streaming of your content, especially if your work contains third-party music. Lorien Ink is not responsible for providing this license, as this is a requirement of you, the event or producer.

What Do We Need From You?

Not much, really. Here’s our basic list of requirements:

  • The date, location and time of your livestreamed event.
  • Access to your venue during your standard bump-in time (often 30 minutes before curtain).
  • Some space to setup our camera equipment, and a laptop, preferably near your audio desk at the rear of the venue. Our crews are single or dual operators, so we don’t need much space!
  • Normally, some power. 240V, standard AC. We can also work via battery if your event is in a space that really requires this.
  • Your preferred live stream destination, if you have one already organised (or thought of one). We can make suggestions if not!
  • A stereo mix from your venue audio desk (see below for more details). Not required, but will seriously up the quality of your product. XLR connections preferred.
  • Any graphics/logos/imagery you want used on title cards pre and post-show.

Livestream Packages

Fringe Livestream

Using two professional cameras, Lorien Ink will capture your event from multiple angles (most likely a full-stage wide angle shot, with close-ups on artists as required), and provide your audience with an experience even better than the one at your venue! If possible at your location, we’ll look to integrate your venue’s audio to deliver a professionally mixed audio track (instead of ambient microphones).

$175 inc GST per livestreamed event

The ‘Everything’ Livestream

Want everything we’ve got? Let’s do it. We’ll use as many angles as we can, including a portable Mevo livestream camera that can be on-stage, behind the actors, or in amongst the crowd. Your audience will get to experience your event like no other, and be able to catch the action and excitement from around the venue – and probably see more than someone who was live at the event! As with other packages, we’ll attempt to integrate your venue’s audio to deliver a professionally mixed audio feed where possible.

$325 inc GST per livestreamed event

Additional Add-Ons

Private Vimeo Hosted Livestream Page

Don’t have a livestream destination in mind, and want to avoid the hassle of trying to organise or host one? Let us do it for you. We’ll provide you with a Vimeo page link, or an embed code for use directly on FringeTix, and you’re done. No need to worry about linking accounts, bandwidth, players etc etc. Easy hey?

The Vimeo hosted page has the ability to allow viewers to chat while watching your event (on Vimeo only), and we’ll work with you to enable this if you wish. No moderation or curation of the chat will be provided by Lorien Ink, so just beware the trolls.

$15 inc GST per livestreamed event

Archival Event Copy

If you’re not getting a separate/dedicated videographer to capture your event for archival (or promotional) purposes, let’s make use of the fact that we’re capturing your event and give you a HD (full resolution) copy of the livestream footage. We won’t edit it any further, so it will be what the event was, but it will save a tonne of time (and hopefully a bucket of money).

$50 inc GST per livestreamed event

Other Details

Here’s a few other things to consider.

  • Lorien Ink is registered for GST, so all events will be invoiced including GST (and provided with a full tax invoice).
  • We’re just a small team, so please note the bookings will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re keen to get us involved, please lock it in when you can.
  • We will try and accommodate your pre-arranged video platform requirements (Facebook pages/events, etc), but we may make suggestions that will improve your viewers’ experience. It may be possible that we cannot integrate with your desired platform, and we’ll work to help you make the adjustments necessary.
  • If your venue can provide us with an audio feed, we’d love to have 2 x XLR outputs of the front-of-house feed from their mixing desk. Requesting this in advance keeps audio techs happy, so please pass on the message. There’s nothing special beyond this, but we may need to find room near the audio desk, or if not possible, please let us know so we can bring longer cables!
  • Things can, and do go wrong. Mobile broadband can be spotty, and viewers themselves can have internet outages. If something happens, we’ll do our best to fix it at the time, but if it’s a major issue, we’ll work with you to make things right. You will be responsible for contacting your patrons, and communicating with them during the event if necessary.
  • The prices above are for standard 60 minute Adelaide Fringe events, and longer events may need revised quotes. We’ll try our best to avoid this, but will let you know in advance, always.

More Questions?

Drop us a line/email/comment. We’ll be happy to talk you through any parts of the live stream production process, or assist in any way.

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Lorien Ink
08 8120 0204
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